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Autism Pediatric Therapy Services

Our mission at ABC-Pediatrics is to provide a safe, therapeutic, natural environment for pediatric – aged children with autism and other developmental disabilities. We incorporate an innovative, all-inclusive environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. We are dedicated to the families we serve by assisting their children reach their highest level of independence.

 When you decided to have a child, chances are great that you didn’t special-order a child with Autism or other developmental delays…..Children always bring surprises into their parents’ lives but children with disabilities bring more than their fair share of growth opportunities to their parents. The first set of challenges is likely to involve lots of contact with the medical professions. What can be done about the disability? Can I have a second opinion? What is the future going to be like for my child? So many questions and such a scary time!

Soon after the initial medical flurry comes the next issue: educating the child. The alphabet soup of IEPs (individualized education plans), Public Law 94-142, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-mandated accommodations, etc., is added to the newly mastered medical jargon of medical conditions and medications and treatments. Local, national, and online support groups of people with children with a  disability becomes the new mentors in navigating school and life.

We are here to help!

Our goal is to provide quality, efficient and effective services to ensure positive outcomes for children and families. We strive to assist children and their families to reach their highest level of independence. We work diligently to provide each family with resources that are appropriate for their child, working in collaboration with their therapy team to successfully plan for their child’s future.

Our goal is for every family to have clear choices and understand the choices. Our Commitment is to you and your child!


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